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Hydrovolts - Turbine Project

Discovery Channel recently featured the hardware side of a project I've been working on.



Spatial Minds did the server side software portion.  The application consists of two components:  A Unix daemon performing data collection/storage and a Web 2.0 application for data visualization.  The in-field turbines report sensor data in real-time over a wireless connection.  The software collects the data and allows engineers to quickly visualize how the turbine is performing over any given date range.  CSV files can be downloaded with a single button for import into Excel, Matlab, Tableau, or other software for more in-depth exploration of the data.

The Web 2.0 application source code is available under the GNU Public License at https://github.com/hydrovolts/hvconnect

The Daemon was written in C++/Qt and the Web 2.0 application was written in C++/Wt on top of a SQL database.  The web application dynamically updates whenever new data arrives (graphs and tabular data) and works with any browser.  The application will take advantage of the latest web browser technology (HTML 5), and gracefully fall back to javascript, and pure HTML depending on what the browser is capable of. 

Screen Shot 2013 01 26 at 9 23 12 PM


The tabular data scrolls quickly and smoothly with an unlimited amount of data.

Screen Shot 2013 01 26 at 9 23 41 PM